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Defibrillator News - Gosbecks school now own a defibrillator which will be situated in a suitable location where the school and local community can access it. We will update when it is in location. Please scroll down the page to see our news report.

Class 5H


Years 5 and 6 had an amazing day learning bout the Ancient Egyptians. They dressed up and learned about food, cooking, Gods and a whole host of art techniques to create the amazing work below entitled 'All Things Egyptian'

All Things Egyptian

Years 5/6 enjoying a day in the life of a Victorian

And now for the sepia versions!

The children really enjoy dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day. A huge thank you to all parents/guardians for the enormous amount of time and effort put in to making the day such fun!

A snapshot of work from 5H for the Spring Term 2019 - More to follow soon

Class 5H dressed in their pyjamas for Children in Need day