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Design and Technology



At Gosbecks Primary school we believe design and technology (DT) to be an inspiring and practical subject. We aim to teach our pupils the impact of their choices (with regard to food and nutrition) on their bodies, minds and planet. We strive to equip our pupils with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed, to support creativity, resilience and independence in problem solving as we believe this to be at the heart of DT.


Through well planned lessons, we teach children the knowledge and skills needed to engage in practical and theoretical design processes. These lessons will encourage independence and confidence in using different equipment and thought processes.

Design and technology lessons are usually linked to topics but sometimes they are standalone lessons. They are usually taught over a block of a term or half a term (particularly in key stage 1). Teachers plan lesson based on the progression map of knowledge and skills from EYFS to Year 6. 

Links are made across the curriculum and there are assemblies and competitions that encourage children’s curiosity and imagination outside the design and technology lessons.

When designing and making various products the lessons should be based under three main parts: Design; Make and Evaluate with technical knowledge and vocabulary being ingrained within all three.  All key stages will have various ways of delivering and recording each part, however will follow the below process:


Allows the children to research a variety of products and problems in order to ‘need’ to design/make a newer improved product. The children should be able to communicate, possibly sketch ideas as a base of their design thinking about materials and the use of their product.


Children are encouraged to become independent and confident in selecting the tools they need to work on their design. They should be encouraged to use ‘trial and error’ in overcoming problems they encounter and how they can solve these issues. They are also encouraged to select their materials and ingredients needed related because of their functional properties, aesthetic qualities and/or taste.


Children use their initial design to provide themselves with feedback and critique their own work. They should consider if they have met their desired outcomes. They might also consider, how far did they deviate from their initial plan, if at all? Mostly they should be looking at ‘why’ they did what they did throughout the whole process looking at the decisions and choices they made.

Technical vocabulary

Technical vocabulary is used and built on as they progress throughout the school. Children will communicate the technical processes using the correct vocabulary that is used throughout the teaching of design and technology. 



Children fully engage in and enjoy design and technology lessons at Gosbecks, particularly the practical element this lesson brings. The children learn to problem solve, become resourceful and be innovative.Children are often very proud of their finished products, constantly reflecting on their own learning and development. The finished products are of high quality and show a broad range of skills being used in order to complete them.