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Gosbecks Primary School

Be The Best You Can Be

We would like to wish all of our pupils, parents and staff a lovely half term break! We return to school on Monday 24th Feb 2020.

Welcome to Gosbecks Primary School !

We have added an exciting new web link for the children to explore - The link below will be available here for a short while but you can also find it on the Pupil's page at the bottom with all the other learning website links.


Vision and Ethos for Our School

At Gosbecks Primary school we work together as a team to enable our children to ‘Be the Best they can Be’. Our aim is to give the children the best possible start in life and make their time at school a fun, enjoyable, rich experience. We understand that all of our children are unique individuals and therefore will be treated with respect, tolerance and kindness. These attributes underpin our expectations for all our children so they are prepared as well rounded children when they move onto Secondary school.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, if you would like any paper copies of information you have seen, please contact the school office.

D Milligan (Headteacher)


Year 6 Photography Day -the children loved their experience learning about all aspects of capturing a good photo

4B have been experimenting with the properties of egg shells which are grainy in texture and contain as many as 17,000 tiny pores which air and moisture can pass through. But what happens to the calcium carbonate crystals when soaked in white vinegar is quite extraordinary! The  chemical reaction turns the shell to a rubber like texture. See the experiment of the bouncing egg below. The children bounced the egg from heights in 5cm increments at a time up to 60cm before the egg................  !!

Year 5/6 Bikeability