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Our approach

The welfare and safety of children who attend our school is our highest priority. We will promote the health, well-being and safety of the pupils in all we do.  We work in accordance with Department for Education guidance on safeguarding (KCSIE 2023), and our approach to safeguarding is set out in our safeguarding policy.

The aims and objectives of our policy are to ensure that all our staff promote an environment where children can learn in a safe, caring, stimulating and positive school. Our curriculum also teaches children how to keep themselves safe. All our pupils know that they are valued and that any concerns they have will be taken seriously and addressed by the adults who care for them. 

Our approach to safeguarding is set out in a series of policies:

Child Protection Policy 2023

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Policy 2023

Whistleblowing Policy 2023

Intimate Care Policy 2022

SET Procedures 2022

Online Safety Policy 2022

Educational Visits Policy 2022

Recruitment Policy 2023

Relationships and Sex Policy 2023


Roles and responsibilities

The Headteacher is our nominated Designated Safeguarding Officer.  The Assistant Headteacher and Home School Mentor are also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer. It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to ensure that:

  • the Governing Body adopts appropriate policies and procedures to safeguard children in the school;
  • these policies are implemented by all staff;
  • sufficient resources and time are allocated for staff to carry out their responsibilities effectively;
  • all staff and adult helpers in the school are able to voice their concern if they feel that a child is vulnerable or that there are any particular practices that are unsafe.

Our premises

Managing our school grounds and premises well is an important part of our approach to safeguarding.  We ensure that our grounds and buildings are well-maintained and that that they are suitable for staff to provide high quality supervision and care. We invest in an ongoing programme of maintenance and undertake regular health and safety inspections and reviews.