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Gosbecks Primary School

Be The Best You Can Be

Happy New Year to all our pupils, parents and staff. Please see our home page for school opening updates.

Class 1H


Every class at Gosbecks has a mini allotment box for the children to grow a variety of things.

Below, 1H are preparing their box for planting.

Class 1H are enjoying their topic on Dinosaurs. Take a look at their 'Facts' and 'Fossil  Hunters' displays below. 

On Thursday 26th November, 1H had the chance to make a Brontosaurus out of clay. They looked at their design from the previous week and as a class discussed its features.  
They built each body part first, separately, and made sure they handled the clay carefully.  
When piecing its body parts together, they used the techniques of rubbing and smoothing so that the clay would not break. 

Autumn is a very colourful and interesting time of the year. Class 1H have been using the autumnal leaves to create hedgehog collage pictures.