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News Flash - Please help Tom to raise money for our school library - see below

 I have recently started as a year 1 teacher at Gosbecks Primary School and would like to raise money to buy much needed books for the school's library.

I will be taking part in a gruelling 12km obstacle race called 'Nuclear Fallout' on the 12th November 2016 to raise money for Gosbecks. The Nuclear Fallout race has over 60 obstacles which includes muddy ditches, muddy trenches, climbing walls, swimming in freezing water and climbing ropes.

You can donate by clicking HERE

At Gosbecks we encourage the children to believe in themselves through the ‘Be the best you can be’ framework. They say;

Foundation Stage: “You try really hard at doing things you couldn’t do before by stepping out of your comfort zone.”

Year 1: “It has helped me to persevere and try to do better in all my work.”

Year 2: “I feel inspired to do the best I can.”

Year 3: “BTBYCB has made me realise I need to work to the best of my ability so I can try new things.”

Year 4: “BTBYCB has helped me build my confidence and helped me with challenges.” 

Year 5: “BTBYCB has helped me believe anything is possible –you just have to persevere.”

Year 6: “BTBYCB has changed my approach to learning. I am really trying my best in my work because it is important for my future.” 


Latest School Events

Half Term holiday24Oct2016

Non-Pupil Day31Oct2016

Pupil Progress Meetings - Foundation Stage08Nov2016

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm @ Classrooms

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Pupil Progress Meetings - Foundation Stage10Nov2016

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm @ Classrooms

Book your appointment with your class teacher

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