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Gosbecks Primary School

Be The Best You Can Be

If you need to report any COVID related absences or symptoms outside of our amended school hours (8.30am to 3pm) please email covid@gosbecks.essex.sch.uk

Rules of Safe Surfing


• Never give out your full name, address, phone number, school name and address or any other   personal information without your parent's permission.

• Never agree to meet someone you've met on the internet without your parent's permission and an escort. They may not be who they say they are.

• Never send a person your picture (or anything else) without your parent's permission.

• Do not give out your Internet passwords to anyone (even best friends), other than your parents. • If someone sends you something abusive or that makes you uncomfortable, let your parents or teacher know. Never respond to it yourself.

• Do not click on any links that are contained in e-mail from anyone you don't know. Such links could lead to inappropriate web sites.

• Do not enter contests without asking your parents first. • Check with your parents before downloading programs to your computer.

• Follow the rules you and your parents have set up regarding your use of the internet and your behaviour.

• Treat others on the internet the way you want to be treated! They are real people, not computers!