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If you need to report any COVID related absences or symptoms outside of our amended school hours (8.30am to 3pm) please email covid@gosbecks.essex.sch.uk





At Gosbecks Primary School, we regard homework as an important link between home and school. It allows parents to see the academic levels of their children and to firstly, offer support with the work, but then as they become older to support them to work independently. Research shows that one of the main benefits of doing homework is that it gives the children the opportunity to develop perseverance and confidence in themselves as an independent learner. 


We believe that it is an integral part of their learning as they get time to practice and reinforce what they have learnt in school. Most of the work that we ask them to do feeds back into their learning in the classroom and allows them to practice their basic skills. In our celebration assemblies, we announce our class winners for Times Table Rock Stars, Mathletics and those children who read 5 times a week are entered into the raffle to win a book. This must be recorded in their books. Those children who complete their Spelling Frame homework are the children who are more successful in their spelling quiz and lesson. 


As a school, we know that it is important for the children to have time to play outside and to have family time. We do not want the children spending an inordinate amount of time doing homework and have devised the following minimum guidelines for you. We think that little and often is useful for the children, especially for reading, but some families may find it useful to have the flexibility to plan some of the homework in larger chunks of time.  








Sunshine Class 

X 5 times a week 

(10 minutes a day) 

X 2 a week - Word Workshop 

X 1 week 


(10 minutes) 


Half termly homework  


KS1 (Year 1 and 2) 

X 5 times a week 

(10 minutes a day) 

Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars (20 minutes in total) 

Spelling Frame (30 minutes) 


LKS2 (Year 3 and 4) 

X 5 times a week 

(10 minutes a day) 


Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars (30 minutes in total) 


Spelling Frame (30 minutes) 



X 5 times a week 

(10 minutes a day) 


Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars (1 hour in total) 

Spelling Frame (30 minutes) 

Sometimes these children may receive written homework to support their learning in class, especially as they prepare for the Year 6 SATs. 


We also have other resources available for the children for them to access at home such as DB Primary and Sir Linkalot. 


We do expect the children to complete the tasks set, but if you think your child needs support with any of their homework or it is causing stress at home, please do come and talk to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.