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Gosbecks Primary School

Be The Best You Can Be

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EYFS tour


The children in Sunshine and Rainbow classes are sharing a story.

The first video is of the  Sunshine class with Mrs Springett whilst the 2ndvideo is of Rainbow class with Mrs Church

Why don't you have some fun and join in with them before going on a virtual tour of our school with Mrs Springett.

Mrs Springett, our Foundation Lead Teacher, will now take you on a tour of school. Each video below shows  a different area of the school.

Come with us and meet a some of the amazing staff along the way.

Before we start our tour, there is someone else you meet first

We start our tour of the school at the main office

Leaving the office we head to the Reception area

Meet Rollo our school cat - he actually belongs to a very loving local family, but just loves to hang around school.

He has 100% attendance and that is through the holidays too! We love him.

Heading outside to the field we have allotment areas allocated to each class, a herb garden, a quiet area for reflection and an outdoor classroom.

As we walk towards the playground we pass the years 5 and 6 classrooms. On our playground we have a climbing trail, climbing wall, a tyre activity area and a MUGA (multi use games area) where ball games can be played.

Heading back inside we enter the Years 5 and 6 corridor. Here there are lots of amazing displays of the children's work.

In the upper KS2 area is where you will find out ICT suite and library. 

Going back outside momentarily we cross a courtyard area which takes us to our KS1 area of the school.

Mrs murphy is our ICT Manager and it's her job to make sure that everyone in school can access all aspects of ICT. In addition to that she ensures that all children can access their home learning platforms.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Mrs Burdorff who is our Catering Manager and she likes nothing better than to ensure that our children have delicious, healthy meals.

And Last but certainly by no means least - Meet Maggie our Site Manager. Maggie has a dedicated team of cleaning staff who maintain the school environment to a very high standard.

Heading back to the Foundation classrooms we take a look at the children at work in their respective classrooms.

In the video below we are in Rainbow classroom

We end our tour in the Sunshine classroom and Foundation outdoor play area. The children are doing a range of activities in the video below.

As you can see from the video clip below, we have a fantastic, secure outdoor learning environment exclusively for our Foundation stage children. They have outdoor learning every day regardless of weather. We believe that as long as the children have the right clothing, the weather should not be a barrier to getting outside to learn through play. 

We hope you have enjoyed our virtual tour of our school and grounds. This is just a snap shot of our school.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Gosbecks.