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Gosbecks Primary School

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We have added a new link to our 'Parents' tab - Phonics Play. Click on the link to see how we teach Phonics at Gosbecks.

Extra Curricular


We have a wide variety of Extra Curricular clubs which take place before or after school. Below you can see some photos from the

Art Club and Gardening Club both of which are run by the multi skilled Mrs Ambrose.

Gardening Club - The children are planting a variety of vegetables with Mrs Ambrose

Sewing is one of the most popular activities that Mrs Ambrose does with the Children in Art Club -

Below are some binka initial samplers and some very pretty cushions

Water colour paintings by the Art Club led by Mrs Ambrose

These Mosaics really are a work of art! The Art Club supported by Mrs Ambrose have been very busy.

Art Club with Mrs Ambrose - Christmas Snowmen 

Mrs Ambrose's Art Club is always very popular and creative - The pictures below show the children's Fireworks artwork